Vegan diet

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Vegan diet

Vegan nutrition plan

4 or 12 weeks vegan
diet, including daily menu. Consultation via e-mail. Our nutritionists will
process a vegan diet, taking into consideration your specific requirements.

What is the vegan diet?

It is not easy to follow
a vegan diet. Vegan diet is characterized by the exclusion of products of
animal origin and animal derived foods (eggs, cheese, milk, honey), mainly for
ethical reasons, but also because the consumption of vegetables is nutritious
andgoodfor the health. The term
"vegan" comes from the Latin word "vegetalis", which means
" belonging to the animal kingdom". The vegan diet is characterized
by the consumption of vegetal food, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes,
cereals, algae and fats of vegetable origin. This diet is good for detoxifying
the intestine, due to the great amount of fiber and antioxidants. Moreover it
prevents colorectal cancer, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It
reduces cholesterol levels and glycemia. Two new epidemiological studies have
shown that a diet rich in legumes, vegetables, fruits and fiber reduces the
body mass index (BMI), prevents type 2 diabetes, reduces hypertension and
cardiovascular diseases. Individuals who follow this type of diet may need a
greater intake of vitamin B12, iron and calcium.